Projects and Collaborations

MCML is one of six national AI Competence Centers. It is funded on a permanent basis by the German and Bavarian government's AI strategy, and brings together the leading ML researchers from LMU, TUM and associated institutions.

Matthias Schubert is one of the 15 original principal investigators of the MCML and persues projects on advanced Deep Learning Technologies, Optimized Policies in Data-Driven Environment Models, robust and Meta Reinforcement Learning.

CarbonNeutral LNG

funded by The European Union - Horizon Europe Grant Agreement 101084066

Since November 1, 2022, the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg coordinates the EU-funded Horizon Europe Project CarbonNeutralLNG. The focus of the new research project is the development and testing of the production of synthetic methane from green hydrogen and CO2.

AI-Beyond is involved with two tasks within this project: The first task is the satelite-based detection of fugitive methane emissions from natural gas infrastructure to analyse greenhouse gas potentials. The second task is the use of AI-driven data-based models to simulate technical installations.

The mission of ABBY-Net is to bring together researchers from Alberta, Canada and Bavaria, Germany who collaborate on interdisciplinary research and training for an improved understanding of the complex interactions in E³-Systems (Environment, Engineering and Socio-Economics) to facilitate energy systems transitions.

The group contributes to the regular Abby-Net research workshops and Summer Schhools. In addition, we persue joint projects with Abby-Net partners in the areas remote sensing and policy optimization for sustainability.